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A great success: With torque drive from Kiel to Glückstadt

PRESS RELEASE | June 28th, 2010

A great success: With torque drive from Kiel to Glückstadt

After a six-month modification and test phase the moment has come. On Wednesday, 2nd June at 3.10 pm it is “Cast off!” for the GMS ENOK for the first test run with the prototype of the High TORQUE Power Drive (HTP)™. Since spring 2009, the ENOK is owned by TORQUE Marine and was used as freighter Europe-wide.

The ordinary powered vessel build in 1955 had been, amongst other things, a push boat in the Neckar-/Main-/Donau area. Some basic data about the ENOK: Length 85 m, width 9.5 m, draft 2.5 m, tonnage 1505 t.

2nd June 2010: Starting the journey in Kiel

So today it’s Kiel. Blue skies and sunshine when leaving – and not only the weather is great. The two-shafts-TORQUE drive runs smoothly right from the start. We have extensive tests and adjustment work to do. We are testing our new drive system in the Kieler Förde – everything progresses according to plan.

Here are some details from the engine room:

Starboard shaft power train 2 x 230 kWe

View on the starboard drive from the engine room

Cooling water and fuel inlet/outlet, integrated into the aggregate

The generators work as planned, too:

Aggregate Control drive + on-board diesel 1, 2, 3 and 4

Generator 3 + 4

Starboard + port side shafts with about 220 rpm and 160 kWe each on the propeller

Best conditions for our trip on June the 12th across the Nord-Ostsee-Canal from Kiel via Brunsbüttel to Glückstadt at the Elbe river. That is how it should stay: The drive- and maneuvering characteristics of the ENOK are excellent. Trouble-free and according to plan, our 85 meter ship covers kilometer after kilometer. The pilot allows 18 km/h – this is fun!

12th June, 8.40 am: The ENOK in the small lock, Kiel

18 km/h in the Nord-Ostsee-Canal

Project manager Martin Hofele enjoys the trip

The ENOK in the Brunsbüttel lock

We challenge the High TORQUE Power Drive (HTP)™: With the generators 2, 3 and 4 on line (DC intermediate circuit) and at 260 rpm per shaft the ENOK makes 20 km/h with the flow.

We tests alarms, crash maneuvers and stopping times from full speed ahead (260 rpm) to propeller zero. The stopping times, the reversing times and the possibilities to actuate the propeller at full speed with revs of about 20 rpm as lowest rev enable completely new handling characteristics.

The route of the ENOK: from Kiel via Brunsbüttel to Glückstadt.

When the ENOK arrives at the port of Glückstadt on June 12th at about 5 pm, we know that: The test run of about 150 kilometers was a full success. The TORQUE Marine team is more than satisfied. TORQUE Marine founder Claus D. Christophel: “I am happy and proud that we were able to realize such a project – at our own costs and in a relatively short realization phase of less than 18 months.”

The ENOK, the first vessel in Germany with a TORQUE drive, has successfully shown its functionality.

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