6.779,91 t
CO2 savings of
Torque Marine Systems

compared to conventional systems

Torque Marine IPS Innovative Propulsion Systeme GmbH & Co. KG


A modular direct drive moves the propelling screw via a torque engine with variable driving speed.

This innovation makes it possible to keep the rotation speed always in the optimum range of performance – only the actually required engine performance is made available. By combining several torque drives in one shafting string, a redundancy is reached which leads to a better reliability and failure safety. This also supplies new redundancy to vessels with only one propelling screw.

Additionally, the characteristic slip of the screw (cavitation) associated with conventional ship drives is reduced by almost 100% during reversing – the maneuverability is optimized.

  • Operational- and maintenance costs are lowered significantly.
  • Energy consumption and pollutant emission are reduced considerably.
  • The mobility of the ship is improved.
  • The risk of a drive failure is reduced.
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